STANDOUT agencies work their CRM

New business is tough for many agencies at the moment. Lots of people are looking for quick ways to find new leads.

But what about the old leads? Instead of trying to think of a quick win strategy, why not deploy a nothing to lose strategy?

I know loads of agencies who have CRMs chock full of old contacts, lost deals, ghosted proposals etc. They all have one thing in common; they don’t want to call them.

If your new business pipeline is looking thin, dust off your CRM, spreadsheet or wherever you keep your contacts list. Run through it line by line.

Many of these opportunities may well remain dead or lost causes, but I promise you there will be some in there that are worth a call or email. Even when you lost a pitch, chances are enough time has elapsed for you to check in with the client and see if they appointed the winners they expected. Maybe they’ve even moved on to somewhere new.

STANDSTILL agencies are fearful of swallowing their pride.

STANDOUT agencies work their CRM.

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