Why do clients…

Why do clients…

1. Try and seek out the cheapest agency they can find, even though the work they want them to do is crucial to building their own business? – STANDOUT are never the cheapest.

2. Expect an agency they decide to work with to be available to start work straight away? – STANDOUT agencies are busy with existing clients. They won’t be able to start immediately.

3. Expect agencies to spend time and money pitching against each other for free? – STANDOUT agencies are not desperate enough for business that they will gamble their own time and money on a competition.

4. Want to meet the people from the agency that will be working on their business before they appoint the agency? – STANDOUT agencies don’t have their best people sitting around waiting to meet new clients.

5. Expect agencies to give them strategic thinking for free? – STANDOUT agencies don’t give away their highest value work for nothing.

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