STANDSTILL agencies rarely actually stand still.

STANDSTILL agencies rarely actually stand still. They’re always thinking about moving on to the next meeting, task, project, or client. They don’t spend enough time celebrating the end results of their work.

This mindset is not only bad for motivation and morale, it kills any work you do on your value proposition….before you even get started.

Value propositions are all about how you capture and project the value you create for your clients in a bigger more compelling way.

If you get into a pattern of doing the work and moving on. You get trapped in a delivery mindset. You convince yourself that your value is in your delivery…and your clients believe that too.

Whatever type of agency you are, the work you do is helping/having an impact on someone, somewhere, somehow. You\re not just – say – building websites. In some way you are changing lives.

Stop and think about that for a moment. If you don’t, you’ll never be able to sell your agency in a more compelling way to higher value clients.

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