STANDOUT agencies work with somebody

If you’ve read my book STANDOUT OR DIE, you’ll know I’m a big advocate of agencies niching down to a specific target market.

To be fair, I’m not alone, most agency advisors promote this strategy. The difference is I used it to grow my agency to £12.5M turnover and 175 people. So I can prove it works.

When I talk to agency owners, some are open to the idea, others are more reluctant.

I remind the more apprehensive founders that pursuing a niche strategy doesn’t mean you immediately have to resign clients, change all your marketing messaging, and only speak to niche prospects.

It is often better to transition into a niche. Start with a “hunting niche”. Retain all your existing relationships for now, but make sure you are clear on who you going after in the future. Once you’ve won some clients and gained confidence, you can start to transition the agency into a more focused proposition.

A word of warning though…transitioning needs commitment. Don’t “have a try” or “see how it goes”. If your niching strategy lacks conviction it will never work for you.

STANDSTILL agencies work with anybody

STANDOUT agencies work with somebody

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