Make sure your agency is a product of its own product

Please rescue me from the STANDSTILL social media agency with only a handful of followers, or the STANDSTILL SEO agency that is buried in the SERPS.

A marketing agency should embody the principles they advocate for their clients.

It’s Valentine’s Day so I want to proclaim my love for the STANDOUT agencies that are a product of their own product!

This has several compelling benefits:

1. Practicing what they preach helps the agency demonstrate the efficacy and value of their marketing strategies, building credibility and trust with potential clients. By showcasing their own success as proof of their expertise, the agency sets an example of the benefits clients can expect.

2. Being a product of their own product allows the agency to gain firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities encountered in implementing their marketing strategies. This experiential knowledge informs and refines their services, leading to more effective and tailored solutions for their clients.

3. It helps the agency stay innovative and adaptive as they continuously refine and improve their own marketing approaches, staying ahead of industry trends.

4. Showcasing the agency’s own success story as a result of their marketing serves as a powerful marketing tool itself. It becomes a living case study demonstrating the effectiveness of their strategies, attracting potential clients seeking tangible evidence of a marketing agency’s capabilities.

Being a product of their own product aligns with the fundamental principle of delivering superior benefits and value to clients. It not only strengthens the agency’s brand but also allows them to genuinely empathise with their clients’ challenges and better serve their needs.

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