The Importance of People Management in Marketing Agencies

I don’t like managing people.

A surprising, but common confession I hear from agency owners.

Most agency owners didn’t start their business to manage people. They would have followed a corporate career if that was their thing. Agency owners excel in technical or creative skills. They may have entered the industry with a passion for their craft, without realising that managing people would become an integral part of their role. However, agencies are ultimately people businesses.

If you are an agency owner who does not enjoy managing people, it’s worth reflecting on whether you are in the right business. Successfully running an agency requires not only technical or creative expertise, but also effective people management skills. This is where a STANDOUT agency sets itself apart from the STANDSTILL.

STANDOUT agency owners understand that building a cohesive team, fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals is vital to achieving success in this dynamic industry. They embrace the challenges and rewards of managing people, leading to stronger client relationships, higher team morale, and ultimately, better business outcomes.

While your technical or creative skills may have brought you into the agency world, your ability to effectively manage and lead people is what will truly sets you apart.

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