STANDOUT agencies RESIGN bad clients.

STANDSTILL agencies SUPPORT bad clients. STANDOUT agencies RESIGN bad clients.

STANDSTILL agencies retain clients no matter what they do. Even if the client is unprofitable and/or unreasonable, they continue to work with and support them.

Nobody wants to work for nothing. Nobody wants to be treated badly. But if you’re low on confidence it’s a trap you can easily fall into.

Ultimately this is not a client problem or an agency problem, it’s a new business problem.

STANDOUT agencies resign unprofitable and unsatisfactory clients (if they have them in the first place). They have the confidence to do this as they have something that STANDSTILL agencies don’t; other options.

STANDOUT agencies have a better new business pipeline so they can make better choices. They don’t accept unsuitable clients in the first place, but if a relationship does prove unworkable, the decision to resign them is easy (they’re not as worried about where the replacement revenue will come from).