STANDOUT agency websites avoid the 3 U’s (2 of 3).

STANDSTILL agency websites suffer from the 3 U’s.

STANDOUT agency websites avoid the 3 U’s.

An agency’s website is its shop window. STANDSTILL agency websites are usually afflicted by what I call the 3 U’s…

U number 2 is UNFOCUSED.

STANDSTILL agency websites are victims of the agency’s poor positioning. They lack client focus. They tell the world they work with anybody and everybody (even if it isn’t actually true).

STANDOUT agencies don’t always focus on a highly specialised niche, but they do have experience and expert knowledge from working with certain types of clients.

Rather than hide this from the world by building a website that try’s to communicate with everybody, they ensure their client experience is prominently featured on the site. They do this in order to appeal more strongly to clients they have the best chance of converting and delivering results for.

The 3rd U will be revealed in tomorrow’s #StandoutSecrets