STANDOUT agencies focus on results (not retainers).

STANDSTILL agencies get retainers.

STANDOUT agencies get results.

They must be out there, but I’m pleased to say that in my 25 year career in agency land, I’ve NEVER come across an agency doing nothing for the fees it was charging a clients.

That said, I’ve come across plenty of retainer based agencies going through the motions. Intentionally, doing enough work to justify the fees they were charging – and nothing more.

STANDOUT agencies focus on results not retainers. They never coast on accounts. They don’t judge themselves on hours worked or on soft metrics.

Given the current economic headwinds, all clients will be scrutinising spend and marketing ROI.

Review the performance of all your client accounts next week. Are you delivering the best results you can? If not make sure you quickly raise your game. Don’t give your clients a reason to reduce or pull your retainers based on below par performance.