STANDOUT agencies sell AND deliver.

I was in a meeting with my colleagues, Spencer and Pete, yesterday and they said something that really resonated with me…

STANDSTILL agencies sell OR deliver.

STANDOUT agencies sell AND deliver.

To run a successful agency you need 2 core skills:.

1. The ability to SELL – You need to be able to find and convert new prospects into clients.

2. The ability to DELIVER – You need to be able to effectively and consistently deliver a service to your clients.

STANDSTILL agencies are usually good at one but not the other.

Some agencies are great at selling but poor at delivery. They win clients but lose them just as fast.

Others are not so great at selling but brilliant at delivery. They retain clients but struggle to grow their portfolio.

To be a STANDOUT agency you need to do both.

Some agency founders are lucky in that they can both sell and deliver, but these mix of skills are rare.

If you’re brilliant at one, in order to grow you need to find a business partner, or employ a trusted number 2, that complements your skills. If you’re great at delivery but poor at sales, find a great salesperson. If you’re brilliant at selling but poor at delivery, find a great executor.

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