STANDOUT agency leaders ask their people for more.

Polite reminder to agency owners…

The modern agency workplace is very different to the one I started my career in.

Your employees enjoy a better work/life balance. They get promoted quicker and paid better. You give them more flexibility, perks and opportunities. You listen to them more and adapt to their needs. You try and solve their problems and fulfil their desires. You work hard for their loyalty as much as they work hard for you.

These are all good things. But please remember… do still employ them.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask them to do more, try harder, be more proactive, be more flexible, be more productive etc.

I’m not saying we should go backwards, I’m saying we must go forwards. To do so, you need more from your people in order that you can give them more in return.

STANDOUT agency leaders ask their people for more.

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