STANDOUT agencies track time

STANDSTILL agencies sell time (but don’t track it)
STANDOUT agencies track time (but don’t sell it)

STANDSTILL agencies are still stuck selling time for money, but worse than that, many don’t even track track what hours they have or use. The worst of both worlds.

STANDOUT agencies don’t charge by the hour, but they do know how they spend their time. Their clients are charged for the value they receive, but the agency knows what effort went into producing that value (and whether it was profitable work).

I compare it to a taxi. STANDOUT agencies don’t charge by the mile, but they do know how much fuel they are putting in the tank (and what mpg they are getting).

CAVEAT: I know some agencies don’t sell time or track time. Your call. Whilst I don’t believe time should be sold, I do believe it is should be measured. I’ll take a few grumbles about timesheets over flying blind with no management data every day of the week.