STANDOUT agencies PAY their freelancers

STANDSTILL agencies DELAY their freelancers
STANDOUT agencies PAY their freelancers

STANDSTILL agencies often have cashflow problems, but delaying payment to their freelancers or forcing them to work on extended terms is not the way to solve these issues. Its not the way to get the best freelancers to work for you in the future either.

I’ve even heard of some agencies refusing to pay their freelancers for work until they themselves have been paid by their clients. Ludicrous and unfair!

STANDOUT agencies pay their freelancers on time every time (or even early). Freelancers are the lifeblood of many smaller agencies. STANDOUT agencies look after their people and their partners (regardless of how big or small they might be).

Many future STANDOUT agency owners first started out freelancing. They remember what guts it took to initially go it alone. They remember what risk is and when money was in short supply. It stood them in good stead to build a great business.

Tough times are ahead. Take a look at your freelance agreements and payments history. Make sure you’re helping the people that are helping you.

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