STANDOUT agencies have anchor clients


STANDOUT agencies have ANCHORS

STANDSTILL agencies often have large dominant “whale” clients that represent more than 25% of their revenue (usually much more). These clients deliver the ££s, but they also take up proportionally much more time and focus. They can make an agency profitable but drain a lot of energy in doing so.

STANDOUT agencies avoid being at the mercy of a single paymaster, but that doesn’t mean they avoid large clients.

STANDOUT agencies stay clear of whales, but usually have a number of anchor clients. These clients are big businesses that provide the agency with regular work, significant income and credibility/profile.

I can think of only a couple of agencies I know that have scaled their business working only with small clients.

To grow your agency, you need regular income and kudos from some big names.

Be careful that the anchors don’t become whales though. Think prominent clients, not dominant clients.

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