STANDOUT agencies retain clients

STANDSTILL agencies lose clients.

STANDOUT agencies retain clients.

High client churn is the one of the biggest factors I see in agencies not being able to grow.

Stop your clients walking out of the back door now…

– Don’t accept clients that don’t fit. If you can’t help them, get results for them or they don’t have the budget you need, don’t start working with them. It’s only going to end badly.

– Don’t make promises to new clients that you can’t – or won’t – keep.

– Onboard them well.

– Deliver results. You might thin this is stating the obvious, but I’ve seen lots of examples where agencies simply don’t do this. Don’t be one of those guys.

– Talk to your clients. Conduct a QBR (Quarterly Business Review) without fail.

– Challenge them. Show clients that you are thinking about them and their business.

– Understand their business, the sector in which they operate and the challenges they are facing.

– Build relationships. Try and build strong personal relationships with as many people in the client organisation as possible. Growing your network can not only uncover new opportunities, it can also act as an early warning system. If one client is unhappy you can often get an early tip off from one of their colleagues and fix the issues before they become problems.

A high client churn is a sickness in your agency. You need to treat it as soon as you can. You can’t grow if every client you win is replacing one you’ve just lost.

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