STANDOUT agencies start marketing

I see a lot of agencies that do very little marketing for themselves (sometimes that means “none”).

I also see agencies that realise this is a mistake and start to deploy some marketing of their own. Often the results are transformational. Rarely are they immediate.

At Cactus we usually say that it takes a minimum of 6 to 8 months after an agency hires a marketing manager (or deploys consistent marketing activity), before they start to see any results in the form of new business opportunities.

This means that if you start marketing your agency today (December 2022), you may not see any results before July 2023. Since July is the start of the school holidays and traditionally a quiet time for new business, you may actually be looking at September 2023!

If you find that a scary thought, my work for today is done.

If you’re not marketing your agency effectively then it is scary. Get started today and prove me wrong in the New Year with some quick results. I’ll be delighted for you.

STANDOUT agencies market themselves. STANDSTILL agencies don’t market themselves. A simple choice.

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