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Use this if you’re struggling to stay motivated….

It’s Sunday evening. Another week is on the horizon. How are you feeling? Excited and motivated or dreading tomorrow’s alarm?

If it’s the latter, you’re not alone. That feeling happens to the best of us. Running any business is tough. Agencies are no different.

Last week an agency owner I know described running an agency as “Like doing a window cleaning round in a hurricane”.

It made me chuckle, but as he’s one of the most experienced agency people I know, so it also made me realise our industry is particularly prone to uncertainty.

STANDOUT agency owners are resilient. But how do they maintain that drive and energy, particularly when the going gets tough? The answer is many of them don’t, they struggle like the rest of us.

One technique I came across recently was from the wisdom of Hollywood psychiatrist Phil Stutz. He calls it the “string of pearls”.

The idea is that you have an imaginary string of pearls. Each pearl represents an action you take in your life. The size/importance of the action doesn’t matter (or whether that action is perfect). What matters is that you maintain forward motion. You keep adding pearls.

For some people, tomorrow’s pearls might be new client wins or multi-million. pound deals. Others might see getting out of bed and getting dressed as major achievements. Most of us will be somewhere in between.

Whatever you do, keep adding pearls this week. It doesn’t matter how significant they seem. They keep you moving forward, so they’re all significant.

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