STANDOUT agencies never assume

My Account Director in my first agency taught me an immense amount. I will always be grateful to him.

One of the key learnings was borne out of his favourite phrase; “never assume”. In essence, always check things are happening, never assume they are. Never a day went by when I didn’t hear those words.

I was reminded of this yesterday. An agency owner told me they had decided to clear their diary and attend as many meetings in their agency as they could for a couple of weeks. Internal meetings, client meetings, the lot.

A tough ask, but the learnings she got from it have been immense.

Assuming is a dangerous thing. You can easily assume meetings are happening, that they are well run, that they are productive. You can assume estimates are being done, clients are being updated and work is being signed off.

But the reality is things might have slipped.

STANDOUT agency owners never assume. Assuming can easily make “an ASS out of U and ME”.

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