STANDOUT agencies inspire early and reassure late.

Agency pitch decks. I’ve produced and presented hundreds of them. Over the past 6 years I’ve seen even more.

There is no right or wrong way to do a pitch deck. If only it were that simple. However, I do see agencies making the same mistake over and over again: Front loading the deck with loads of stuff about themselves rather than the brief/client.

I used to think this was wrong because clients had limited time and ultimately were only interested in themselves. These things may be true, but there is a more important issue at play here.

Fundamentally a pitch deck should be designed to facilitate a sale.

Sales psychology says that people buy with their emotions then rationalise the purchase afterwards.

When it comes to pitch decks, STANDOUT agencies inspire early and reassure late.

In other words, always hit them with the good stuff first: the creative, the strategy etc. Then follow up with how many awards you’ve won, what experience you have, and reassure them you’ve done this before with some case studies.

If you want to standout, lead with the heart follow with the head.

Do you agree?

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