STANDOUT agencies get regular referrals.

Are you getting enough?

A recent agency survey claimed that 45% of respondents said referrals are the most effective way of picking up new clients. Wow, what are the other 55% doing to win business I wonder? Having it gift wrapped and delivered to them by Amazon?

The fact is, referrals are by far the most effective way to win new business. Indeed, they are the lifeblood of agency new business. STANDOUT agencies get regular referrals.

If you’re not getting them, there are only 2 reasons why:

1. Your work is not good enough.

2. You don’t ask for referrals.

Both of these are big problems. Tackle number 1 first.

If you’re not getting spontaneous referrals, this could mean your clients are not that happy with what you are doing. They’re certainly not raving fans. Harsh but true.

The problem could be your service levels, results/value, pricing or a combination of all three. Don’t stress. You have a mandate for action here. Do a review and make some changes to how you work. Ask your clients why they don’t refer you.

Which brings us to point number 2. Sometimes no matter how good a job you do, people don’t refer you. This may be because they just don’t think about it, or even that they want to keep you all to themselves. Whetever the reason, sometimes people need to be reminded and asked.

Make it a policy that you periodically ask your clients if they could refer you to others. Do the same for your wider network.

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