STANDOUT agency owners think like business owners.

As your agency grows, you’ll realise that your employees have different ways of thinking compared to you.

In the early stages of an agency, it’s a dynamic and fluid environment where everyone chips in and figures things out. However, as your agency and team expand, you’ll need to adapt your leadership style and improve your management skills. Policies, processes, and structure become increasingly important. The freedom and relaxed approach that worked in the beginning may lose its effectiveness and even become a hindrance to your business.

I’m not suggesting creating unnecessary bureaucracy, but it’s important to acknowledge that your employees don’t think like you do. Most of them have an employee mindset.

As an entrepreneurial business owner, you may be drawn to change and a flexible environment, preferring fewer rules and taking more risks. That’s why you run a business.

However, your employees have different preferences. Many of them value structure and appreciate having rules and guidelines. They want to be managed and led. That’s why they work for you.

Always put yourself in the shoes of your employees, considering what they want rather than solely focusing on your own desires.

STANDSTILL agency owners think like entrepreneurs.

STANDOUT agency owners think like business owners.

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