STANDOUT agencies answer the phone.

I’m laughing in this picture, but I’m really quite annoyed in real life.

Back in my days of running an agency we used to have a “3 rings rule” i.e. when the office phone rang we wanted it answered in a maximum 3 rings. Basic customer service.

I know things have changed. I know we don’t all work from the office. I know people don’t use voice calls much any more (sadly in my view, but that’s another matter).

Unusually – even for me – I’ve phoned the main switchboard number of 2 different agencies this week. I wanted to speak to somebody at each agency urgently and didn’t have their mobile numbers. Both separate, unrelated, calls.

Did they answer in 3 rings do you think?

They didn’t answer at all!

Both agency lines rang out and didn’t even go to voicemail.

How many people are calling phone lines these days? Probably not many, but a STANDOUT agency has 2 choices here: Answer the damn phone, or make a stand. Cancel your phone line, remove it from your website, and tell people to drop you an email and you’ll get straight back to them.

If you’ve got a phone line, please tell your teams to make sure it is answered!

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