#6 How to become a sales driven agency.

#6 – The sixth factor in my series on becoming a sales driven agency is a hard one for some agency owners to accept. You must have a culture of commercial success, not artistry or perfectionism. 

What does that mean exactly?

Agency owners come from different backgrounds and start their businesses for different reasons. Many though, are accidental agency owners. They are practitioners who have a skill. They are so good at what they do, demand for their services outstrips the time they have to deliver them. As a consequence, they start to employ people and a business is born.

This is a natural development, but for some it’s one that comes with a heavy burden. If the agency owner is a creative, a designer, a film maker, a developer, or somebody who is in love with their craft, growth of the business is not always a god thing. They lose control, they have to work to tighter deadlines, they have to delegate. Often this can compromise the quality of their work. They hate this.

As a result, the agency owner and their team can spend time perfecting, polishing and honing their work to improve quality. They do it for all the right reasons, but the results can mean over servicing and projects running way over budget. It can also mean they turn down work or clients they don’t like or want to work with.

For some this is no bad thing. But in most cases, unless you are at teh abolsute top of your game and you develop a reputation and profile to match, it limits growth.

I’m not saying you need to do everything quick or accept any work that comes through the door, but you have to make a choice. Are you running a lifestyle business or are you wanting to grow your sales and grow your agency? If it’s the latter, commercial success must always be at the forefront of you – and your teams – mind.

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