#9 How to become a sales driven agency.

#9 – The ninth factor in my series of how to become a sales driven agency is having a little black book.

I don’t mean the type of contact book that a new business development person might tell you they have at their interview. The one that never seems to materialise. I’m talking about the modern day equivalent; a CRM.

STANDSTILL agencies always have a CRM. Most of them don’t actually use it. They’re often paying expensive software fees every month, whilst the system is gathering dust. The agency equivalent of gym membership.

Aside from the cost, what is more of a crime here is that fact that so many of these agencies have an extensive list of contacts. Previous clients, prospects, contacts, friends, ex colleagues etc etc. If you and your colleagues put your heads together I’m sure you would be surprised just how many names you could come up with.

Most of these people should be in a CRM and be receiving some sort of regular communication from you.

STANDOUT agencies use their contacts.

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