STANDOUT agencies say No

Two of the biggest challenges you face in growing an agency are remarkably similar, and equally frustrating. If you’re not struggling with one, you’re usually struggling with the other.

I’m talking, of course, about new business and new people.

Both became more difficult for most agencies last year. I’m afraid to say that they’re unlikely to get much better this year…particularly if you want great clients and great people.

STANDOUT agencies have the edge on others when it comes to recruiting clients and people; they say “No” more than they say “Yes”.

That’s right, they’re more choosy who they work with.

This isn’t driven by arrogance, it’s fuelled by a desire to find the best fit clients and best fit people. In both cases, STANDOUT agencies know that long relationships are key to agency growth. If somebody is not right for your agency, for whatever reason, you are doomed to failure from the start. You’ll soon lose them and be back on the treadmill of finding replacements again.

I have a challenge for you in 2024 and it’s a tough one; be more selective than you’ve ever been before.

Qualify your client opportunities and recruitment efforts harder than ever. Are they the right fit? Are they exactly what you are looking for? Can you deliver what they need? Can they deliver what you need from them?

It’s a tough call now, but this strategy will pay dividends in the long run and you will enjoy more profitable relationships with your people and clients because of it.

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