You’re hard wired to be lazy, that’s why you need an advisor.

As a former agency owner and current advisor, I understand that implementing advice can be more challenging than formulating the right strategy.

Humans are inherently programmed to conserve energy. This trait was vital for survival during the early stages of human evolution. When food was rare, using less energy equated to a longer lifespan. Our brains are designed to find the easiest, least energy-intensive path to reach our goals. This behaviour is often misinterpreted as ‘laziness,’ but it’s actually a survival mechanism.

Unfortunately, this often results in our brains persuading us to avoid tasks that require hard work. We usually know what we should do, but our subconscious pushes us to disregard or delay it due to the effort it demands.

So, what’s my point? No matter how driven and competent we are, we all need external impartial advice sometimes.

As a consultant, I’m deeply involved in my clients’ businesses. However, I’m acutely aware that I don’t have to implement the strategies we discuss. Therefore, my brain isn’t attempting to dissuade me from taking the obvious but challenging steps I’m recommending.

My clients can be safe in the knowledge they are always getting objective strategic advice. They just need to take on the challenge of executing it.

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