STANDOUT agencies do regular work

It’s often said that agency life is like a rollercoaster; full of ups and downs.

Some people enjoy the highs – and can cope better with the lows – more than others.

If you’re frustrated with the volatile nature of your agency there are things you can do to smooth out the bumps. That said, I don’t believe the agency model is a source of passive income or a business that looks after itself. In fact which type of business does?

More often than not I find:

STANDSTILL agencies work on projects

STANDOUT agencies thrive on retainers

If your business model is project based it’s naturally going to be more volatile than one that is based on regular work (whether that’s contractual or just based on volume doesn’t matter as much as the fact that every month you have regular work to deliver for your client base).

You can have a mix of projects and retainers of course. Indeed, if you can get to a place where your retained work covers, or exceeds, your monthly operating costs, you are on your way to a smoother ride.

If you are a project based agency, how can you add regular retained work into your offer?

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