STANDOUT agencies break their goals into smaller milestones.

This is the view I hate most in the world.

The one I stare at for 30 minutes every other day while trying to grind out another 5km in the gym.

I’m not built to be a runner, but a regular 5km helps to keep those extra kilos off. I have to admit I do feel great when I’ve completed a session too

Running on that Treadmill is tough though. If you’ve read my book, you now know where I got the inspiration for the name of Adrian’s agency from(!)

When I first started my gym sessions I used to cover up the screen with a towel. It felt better not focussing on what I was doing. I tried to get as far as I could without checking how long/far was left. Sometimes I surprised myself, many times I’d not run as far as I thought when I took that towel away.

And then I realised something….

Rather than hide them away, those green numbers can help me. They’re tools I can use to keep me motivated.

Now rather than think about the 5km distance or the time left, I use the numbers to break the session down into much smaller tasks. I have tiny milestones in my head all the time I’m running.

Firstly I’ll get to 4 minutes, then my goal is reach the 50 calorie marker, then I’ll focus on the 2.5 mile mark and so on.

With the exception of distance, the rest of the numbers are pretty meaningless, but they help me reach the next marker towards the bigger goal.

You can use this technique when you’re running your agency too…

STANDSTILL agencies hide from the data and guess whether they’re making progress.

STANDOUT agencies set a big goal then break it down into smaller milestones to keep them motivated and monitor their progress.

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